Holiday Tips, Tricks, And Trackers–How To THRIVE
(Not Just Survive) During The Holidays Without Going
Off The Rails…And STILL Have Fun!

No one wants the gift of Regret,
that’s right, capital R. 

Regret has 2 definitions:

  1. (verb) feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).
  2. (noun) a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

I have personally spent way too many holiday aftermaths both experiencing the verb of regret and feeling the weight of the noun of regret. 

It’s time to say enough is enough. 

We need a simple food plan so we don’t have to get caught in our busyness without good food (got that right here) and some tips and tricks to keep the wheels on the bus! 

The holidays mean we’re off kilter a wee bit–our schedules shift and change to meet the demands of our lives AND those of our family too. 

If you’ve been with me awhile you totally get it with the food, especially if you’re a seasoned Sprinter. But as you know the holidays offer up all kinds of food obstacles and challenges, so with that said–you’re going to LOVE these ideas to keep you from throwing yourself onto the holiday buffet table and chewing through it like a termite! 

Speaking of buffets, here’s a collection of great tips that I guarantee will help next time you’re facing that great big table of temptation:

  1. Going to a party? Consult your Nutritional Inner Guru so you know what kind of an eater you are: 1. a taste of this or that will keep you feeling happy and not deprived, or 2. A taste of this or that will throw you into the deep end and suck you down into the abyss of bingedom. 
  2. If you’re a 1, have a collagen shot before you hit the party. You don’t want to be starving before you go. Survey the situation and proceed accordingly: veggies first, grab some protein and there should be barely any plate left. Add a little taste of this or that to the remaining plate.
  3. If you’re a 2, have a Target Trifecta Smoothie before you hit the party–no way should you be remotely hungry or you’ll crumble. Survey the table and look for what will create a Target Trifecta plate: green fiber (veggies), some healthy fat, and protein. 
  4. Day of the party strategy: Break your fast with a Target Trifecta Smoothie when you’re hungry and then go for a second one for lunch. Double the TT Smoothies, double the benefit, and way less likely you’ll fall down at the buffet line. Stay hydrated too!
  5. Fiber is your friend–make sure to add a scoop of FiberMender (10 grams of fiber) AND 2-3 tablespoons of gelled chia seeds (2 tablespoons dried chia equals 1 cup gelled equals 11 grams of fiber) to bump up your fiber. You can do chia water all day using the gelled chia if you want (1/2 cup is plenty). Choose artichoke hearts on your salad (10 grams of fiber) as well. More fiber, you fill up faster AND you stay full longer. 
  6. Cocktails? Why sure. ONE cocktail or wine, then one mineral water with extra lime or lemon. If you want a second one, your call but you’re done after that. Vodka or better yet, a good tequila and soda with extra lime will help keep insulin at bay. I also love this cocktail because no one will be the wiser when you switch to plain mineral water. There’s always someone pushing another drink on you! Remember, insulin tamped down means you’re in control and not looking for every sugary or carby thing in sight. 
  7. Soup, soup, soup. The Holiday Cheerz Plan plans for it every day–it’s one of the best ways to keep satiated–soup is good food after all (the homemade variety, not the crap in cans). The bulk is bone broth (you know how passionate I am about bone broth), plus alllll those veggies (fiber & nutrition), it fills you up in a very satisfying way. 
  8. Hello movement. 4-minute exercise 3 times a day? Of course, you can! Throw in some walks, lift a few weights and you’ll keep your metabolism pumped and your body happy as well. YES, you have time to do this–don’t throw out your movement because the holidays are here!
  9. Dessert? Go back to the first tip and figure out if this is an option for you. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you “should” have dessert, especially if it’s never worked out for you before. One thing I do (I’m a #2) is remind myself that I know what it tastes like and I can always have it again sometime–this is a tactic for the temptation in the moment–not something I’m going to do. Even though I know that it still makes a huge difference. 
  10. Dessert? You’re a #1? Three bites and you’re done. First bite is a YUM, second is an Oh Yes and the third just confirms the YUM and Oh Yes. You know what it tastes like, you’ve enjoyed it and now move along and leave the rest. This puts YOU in control of the dessert; not the dessert in control of you. There is no reward for a clean plate, especially dessert–let it go.

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