Too Hot To Cook

BREAKING A SWEAT NEWS–It’s hot and I’m sick of cooking!

We all feel that way sometimes, even feisty Dinner Divas. During the dog days of summer, the sweltering heat still finds its way inside regardless of how many fans have been turned on or how low the temperature reads on the air conditioner.

The thought of turning on the oven or even the stovetop makes most people cringe. It’s already hot; turning on the oven only makes it worse. How much more sweat can a person shed, LOL. Plus the truth is most of us just aren’t that hungry in the summer but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the family meal.

If just the idea of cooking makes you miserable then you’ve got a couple of options. Eat delicious cold salads, cold pasta dishes; even leftover chicken for dinner — or have sandwiches and veggies with dips for dinner. If you’ve been freezer cooking, you’ve at least gotten a big part of the cooking battle won.

Another idea is that you could cook dinner in the morning when it is still cool or put your crockpot to use. A basic pasta salad made up of pasta, some canned or cooked homemade beans, chopped bell peppers, maybe some pepperoni or ham, an Italian salad dressing or a balsamic/olive oil dressing that you make yourself works great and is fine transportation for getting those leftover handled, like broccoli or chicken—just throw it all in and see what you come up with. If someone asks for your recipe, well…just smile and tell them it’s a secret, LOL.

Another great fun idea would be to make subs just like a sub shop. Let each person make their own. Line up all the ingredients on the counter; let each person so their thing.

It might be hot outside, that doesn’t mean it has to be hot inside, too!

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  1. I totally agree when it’s hot like it is now, nobody is motivated to spend time in the kitchen next to a hot oven! I like making salads during the summer, that’s a very healthy food and there are so many possiblities, with rice, pasta, vegetables…good, light and fresh food for the summer!
    For those who are lazy, they can even make a big salad in a salad bowl and eat it during several meals!

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