How to relieve bloat and fight cancer while freshening your breath

By: Leanne Ely


The cardamom plant has been made famous by its pungent little pods. Inside the thin papery coating of the cardamom pod is the plant’s small black seeds, which have a very spicy flavor, common in Indian cuisine.

Besides being a tasty way to season your curry dishes, cardamom seeds have many medicinal properties.

Digestion. Cardamom is excellent for digestion. This spice can help reduce acidity in the body, and it can also eliminate gas and bloating. Cardamom also acts as an expectorant, and it can help to increase circulation to the lungs.

Cancer fighting. Cardamom can help to fight cancer by inhibiting the growth of new cancer cells and by killing existing cancer cells.

Minerals. Cardamom is rich in iron, fiber and manganese (a 2 tbsp serving of cardamom provides you with your entire daily recommended intake of manganese).

Oh, and did I mention that cardamom can also help to freshen your breath? It’s true! Bite down on a cardamom pod and it will do the same thing as a breath mint!

I always put cardamom in my curries, and I love it in my Indian-themed soups and stews. Cauliflower sprinkled with cardamom and rubbed with olive oil is great when roasted in the oven until golden brown.

Another great way to enjoy cardamom while reaping its nutritional benefits is by drinking cardamom as a tea. Combine cardamom with black peppercorns, cinnamon, anise and a bit of green or black tea and you have yourself a homemade chai tea mix.

Oh, and you can also toss cardamom in your smoothies! Try blending almond milk with a frozen banana, a few pitted medjool dates, a dallop of tahini and some ground cardamom. Yum!

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