How to Journal to Change Your Life in 12 Weeks

Goal setting can be overwhelming and untenable. 


I said it–and I said it to give you permission to acknowledge it.

Not everyone is intensely goal-oriented, is trying to “play bigger” or wants a fancy life complete with private planes.

However, I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t want a life brimming with vibrancy–where every single day, she gets out of bed, puts her feet on the floor and is grateful for all that is in front of her.

She feels good in her own skin, she has the energy levels to sustain her, healthy relationships, loving friendships, a home she is proud of and great satisfaction with her work and all that is her life.

THAT is possible for every single woman on the planet—

Intention setting is a way to harness the mental and emotional state of commitment to your future self that is especially powerful when framed with “I am” statements. And when you connect goals to intentions, you create a magical quality to goals that makes them more personal, creating a path to getting there.

And guess what? You don’t need 10 goals, you need just 3 — 3 quality goals with your vision for your life…that’s it.

Shorten up that timeline as well. Studies are abundantly clear that setting year-long goals (New Year’s resolutions anyone?) are useless.

By using a 12-week timeline instead of a year, you’ve added urgency to the equation and something that can be easily planned for instead of put off.

Make sense?

A year is just too long, says author Brian Moran of The 12 Week Year.

“We mistakenly believe that there is a lot of time left in the year, and we act accordingly. We lack a sense of urgency, not realizing that every week is important, every day is important, every moment is important. Ultimately, effective execution happens daily and weekly!”

Brian Moran

The solution then is a short timeline, making short, effective intentional goals using I am statements after creating a vision for what you actually want to attain in the next 12 weeks.

It’s not complicated, it’s smart.

It’s not pie in the sky, it’s doable.

And our Take Back Your Life Journal takes all of this into consideration…and more by harnessing best practices easily implemented daily–without taking up your whole morning!

I believe with all my heart, that we’re all called into this life on purpose and for purpose. That we’re the apple of God’s eye, fearfully and wonderfully made, invited to sit at the table.

That is profound–and means that we can no longer just sit back letting life go by–we’re CALLED for more.

This is your life–it’s time to step into your purpose and become the woman you’re meant to be.

Here’s the link to get your very own Take Back Your Life Journal and when you do, I will personalize it just for you and also give you access to the video training so you know exactly how to use it.

Are you ready?

Your vibrant life is calling…let’s do this.

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  1. Leanne, I really need help. I’m ADD and have started several programs and quickly give up. I really want this. I’m 67 and want to feel as good as possible the rest of my life. The 2 times I lost weight and reached my goal I felt great!!! My son Jeff is 47 and autistic. He needs me to be healthy so I can be here for him❤️

    1. I get Evonne! You have a very strong why which is incredibly important–now it’s just time to get the right program and the right mindset to go with it! Strongly recommend you join the Hot Melt Sprint group on Facebook and to join us on our challenges–they’re all designed to help you get to your goals! I saw you were there for the Vibrant Body Detox webinar–start there, you’ve got this!

  2. I have ADHD and other mentally challenging disorders. I met this special person who has showed me that I can love myself and that I can be happy. Showed me just a few things to help turn negativity into and towards the positive. A work in progress I know. And that I shouldn’t think that it’s a quick fix. And I am happy that I have this friend who has introduced me to you.

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