Ask Leanne: How To Make One Meal for All Ages

I get asked a lot of questions.

And sometimes those questions follow a pattern—like how do I feed my family the same meal my husband and I want to eat when there are children, toddlers, and babies involved.

Just got that one today as a matter of fact!

Dear Leanne,

My question is how to make dinner for 11 months old baby, 3 1/2 years boy, and 5 years boy, my hubby, and myself with a paleo diet for 1 week in a row? 

Thanks in advance,


Hi Juliana, 

Feed everyone basically the same thing with certain exceptions of course–you will need to mash things for the 11-month-old and lots of finger food. 

So let’s look at a paleo dinner of say, tacos using lettuce wraps. 

The 11-month-old can handle the cooked ground beef and cut up avocado and eat it with his or her fingers off of their high chair. Your 3-year-old and 5-year-old can have the same thing–your 3-year-old may use a bowl with a spoon while your 5-year-old practices his or her fork skills with that same food on a plate (or keep it the same for the 5 and 3-year old). 

For all 3, I would give them some sweet potatoes to make a meal out of it. 

For your husband and you, I’d go to town with all the fixings–big lettuce leaves, ground beef in the middle, salsa, avocado, cilantro, red onion–whatever floats your boat. 

It just makes sense to cook once and add something that’s a little more kid-friendly rather than make several different meals–talk about burnout!

I hope that helps Juliana! You’re right in the middle of it all–I know how tough it can be with toddlers, babies and a husband and trying to get them all fed at once! 

You might want to try Dinner Answers–there’s a TON of paleo meals to choose from that you can do exactly what I was talking about.



PS—Dinner Answers will help you develop your own personal strategy for feeding your family and meeting their exact needs. It’s all right there in the easy-to-use Dinner Answers—you can create a menu, push the grocery list to your phone (or your spouse’s!) and use that as your macro for getting dinner on the table night after night.

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