Sugar Cravings (Kill Them with THIS)

In the food department of life, sugar is the one the toughest things to get under control.

The cravings are real–whether it’s for sweet treats, French fries or pasta–it’s all a carb free-for-all and it causes deadly belly fat and destroys your health.

We know this–the abundant research and studies have been very clear–sugar is a problem and it’s also very addicting.

So addicting, that brain scans of people with a “sugar high” vs brain scan of people on heroin are almost identical–that’s frightening!

But at the end of the day, cravings are more than a little difficult to curb without the help–they’re nearly impossible.

That’s why I want to tell you all about an amino acid that stops cravings in it’s tracks and gives you a chance to kick sugar to the curb.

L-Glutamine is the amino acid in question–and it’s ability to kill sugar/carb cravings is nothing short of a miracle.

Here’s why–

L-Glutamine is a talker–and it literally tells your brain you don’t crave carbs or sugar! And as long as you take it, it will keep sending that message.

That’s fantastic–I know nothing else on the planet that has that kind of incredible power to completely cut cravings in such a huge way.

Not only that, but L-Glutamine will also help heal your gut.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Leaky Gut Syndrome–it’s one of those things in modern life that most of us, if not all of us, suffers from.

For sure you have it if your digestion is ever a little off, if you get bloated, have an autoimmune disease, or live with constant stress. Those are all signs you’ve got a leaky gut.

L-Glutamine helps to heal your gut though–and taken daily in your smoothie, its remarkable capabilities to heal and to curb cravings make this supplement nothing short of a miracle.

It’s more readily available when it’s in powder form (as opposed to capsules) so yes, start by putting it in your smoothie in the morning, but don’t stop there!

I highly recommend when a craving hits to even dip your finger in it, and put it in your mouth. It stops it like pulling the plug from the toaster–unreal!

Put some in a little ziplock and keep it in your purse. If you’re traveling, be prepared to explain it though to TSA! LOL–I’ve had to do this before! 😉

Last thing I want to leave you with–not all L-Glutamine is the same. The cheap stuff is made from duck feathers or sometimes even (don’t gag!) human hair! That’s no joke, you can google it!

Our L-Glutamine is made from fermented beets and it’s a superior, pharmaceutical-grade L-Glutamine. I like that a lot–where my supplement comes from and how it’s made makes a significant difference in your body’s ability to use it! There are a lot of crappy supplements out there!

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