Favorite Things: Smoothie Tools

Everything you need to make a GREAT smoothie!

First things first–if you’re going to make a fabulous, nutrient-dense smoothie with everything you need to get your day started, you’ve gotta have the right stuff!

That means–ingredients, tools, and some delicious recipes to keep you satisfied, full and happy.

Let’s start with ingredients because that’s absolutely critical. There are 3 components to every good smoothie: adequate protein, the right amount of fiber, and the right amount of fat.


Protein, specifically Perfect Paleo Protein is highly recommended because of the clean lean ingredients: just 100% grass-fed collagen with a touch of stevia and natural chocolate or vanilla for flavoring. There’s also an unflavored which is just 100% grass-fed collagen.


Next up is fiber–I’m madly in love with our FiberMender. It’s made from konjac root (glucomannan) and can absorb up to 50 times its weight! The Japanese call it the “broom of the intestines” and it does just that, plus helps you feel full and satisfied as well.


Then there’s fat–fat is the one thing most people skimp on when it comes to a great smoothie in the morning. Fat in the form of nuts, MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides), or avocado all work with protein and fiber to keep your appetite under control.

With a smoothie of this caliber, you can go 4 to 6 hours without feeling the need to eat. Add a scoop of L-Glutamine to your smoothie and you can effectively kill sugar and carb cravings, too!

Then there’s the blender itself–this is important.

I’ve used them all from the really expensive ones to cheap ones I want to toss out the window.

I do love my NutriBullet and use it regularly. The design is super easy and as long as you respect the fill line, it never leaks!

I also have a little travel blender (yes I’ve made smoothies in the airport before!) from Hamilton Beach that works in a pinch when I’m on the road. Considering it’s under $20, it’s a pretty good little workhorse.

Here’s a smoothie that’s a favorite of mine–

Chocolate Cherry Chip Smoothie

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Course Breakfast
Cuisine Paleo, Smoothie
Servings 1 serving



  • In a blender, add all ingredients; blend until smooth and enjoy! For a thinner smoothie, add more unsweetened coconut milk.
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