Last Minute Guests, EEK!

This time of year with graduations and weddings being front and center on your social calendar, you might find yourself with some last minute guests.  Planning parties can be stressful enough, but having last minute guests can send even the most seasoned party planner over the edge.  Believe it or not you can plan for this very event. So here are 5 things to do ahead of time so you won’t be caught at that last minute calling for pizza!

1)  Stock it. If you asked what you think the best way to plan for this kind of event would be and you said, “well stocked pantry”, you would have guessed right (and you know me well, LOL!) I like to have pickles, crackers, olives, assorted cheeses and seasonal fruit available for a quick cheese platter. Cut up veggies and dip make an easy, quick appetizer too.

2)  Freeze it. Remember too in this day and age, pantries extend to fridges and freezers so having some handy, ready to go preparations on hand in the freezer will doubly help you get your party started (like an extra meatloaf or meatballs, pasta sauce or stew).

3)  Disguise it. Use candlelight and tablecloths! If your house is less than perfect, don’t sweat it. Candlelight hides a multitude of sins. Just make sure you do a quick swish and swipe in the bathroom, change the hand towel and enjoy your guests!

4)  Pop it. The cork that is. Open some wine, pour some iced tea or lemonade. Getting your guests something to drink before you get the meal together will help break the ice.

5)  Share it. If your guests ask to help, bring them into the kitchen and let them wash the lettuce for a salad or set the table. Being useful helps to get over the awkwardness of being a last minute guest.

The important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy the moments rather than worrying about the “what ifs”. Keep everything in perspective and realize if the meal is not perfect, it’s okay. What will be remembered is the time you shared together.

Now go get your pantry stocked!

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