Healthy Foods: No nutrition escapes fresh Garlic Scapes

This time of year, you may start seeing garlic scapes at the market. A garlic scape is the beautiful, curled stalk that grows from garlic bulbs before they start to flower. They look a lot like green onions, except the coiled end of the garlic scape resembles a pig’s tail!
These scapes taste similar to garlic, though they are definitely milder. Garlic scapes are great snipped into salads, stir fries, and egg dishes. They are also wonderful in veggie or chicken stocks.
Garlic scapes are packed with nutrition! They have lots of vitamins A and C, as well as a good amount of fiber.
Let’s take a closer look:
Osteoarthritis protection. There are allium compounds in garlic scapes that are also found in garlic bulbs. These important compounds can protect against the breakdown of bone tissue.
Blood oxygen levels. Certain components in garlic scapes can keep organs and tissues nice and healthy, while also reoxygenating the blood.
Antioxidants. The body’s most powerful antioxidant—glutathione—can be boosted by the sulfur compounds in garlic. Glutathione helps protect our cells against viruses, bacteria, and other damage.
Oxidative stress. The oil that gives garlic bulbs and scapes their pungent flavor can also help protect the kidneys and liver from oxidative stress. This stress is difficult on your organs, so foods like garlic can help give your innards a bit of a break from all their hard work.
Anti-cancer. Those sulfur compounds that give garlic scapes their antioxidant properties also have anti-cancer properties.
Garlic scapes are also excellent for preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Stock up on scapes when they’re in season and store them in the freezer!
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