Open a can of artichoke hearts

While fresh, buttery artichokes would always be my top pick, when they’re not in season, canned artichokes make a fine substitution.

Canned artichokes are a more affordable option than fresh, and they can also taste better (there’s nothing more frustrating than getting down to the heart of a fresh artichoke and finding that it is past ripe).

Artichoke hearts have a pleasant, slightly sweet taste and a creamy texture. You can class up a chicken or pasta dish right away with the addition of artichoke hearts.

Not only are artichokes rather elegant and delicious, but they’re also full of nutritional benefits, such as the following:

• The flavonoids in artichokes might reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia.
• Artichokes might help to regenerate liver tissue.
• Artichokes contain more antioxidants than any other vegetable.
• One single artichoke provides you with 25% of your daily recommended amount of fiber!

Avoid dangerous BPA by looking for brands that promise to be BPA-free. Some brands that have ditched BPAs in their can include Amy’s, Eden Foods, and Native Forest.

Frozen artichoke hearts (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s is where I get mine) are another good option for artichokes if you like to avoid cans. You can also find jarred artichoke hearts in water at Costco.

Tip for canned artichokes:

Always rinse the liquid from your canned artichokes before using.

To completely dry the artichokes, for use on salads or in other applications requiring a more dry texture, after rinsing, drain the hearts upside down on cooling racks.

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