Under Pressure? Put Your Dinner There!

This week on Facebook we had a lovely post:

I’m in love with Saving Dinner. I just made home-cooked, healthy meals for my family for the whole week! They ate up each meal, I took leftovers for lunch all week long, and the shopping was a breeze thanks to the provided grocery list at the beginning of each weeks-worth of meals. Can’t wait to try some of the freezer dinners!

~Catherine via SavingDinner Facebook fan pages.

Well Catherine, we’re in love with YOU! I’m glad you see all the value in all the fun stuff we have at SavingDinner.com. We make our menus, ebooks and freezer meals extremely easy to use, delicious to eat and family friendly! But we have more…

Are you up for a new culinary venture? I’m talking about the current revival of the pressure cooker! This type of food preparation had its hey day in the 1950’s. In discussing this appliance with people, several opinions have been expressed:

1) “I love the idea of being able to prepare delicious meals in a fraction of the usual time”.

2) “Aren’t those things dangerous?” and

3) “I remember we had one of those when I was a kid.”

Pressure cookers have evolved over the years and most of the current models have features that make safer, easier and faster!

There are many advantages to using this “closed” system of preparing meals:

1) Saves time because meals are prepared in a fraction of the time required by other methods.

2) Saves energy because of the time-saving aspect of pressure cooking.

3) A big nutritional boost – More vitamins and minerals are retained and vegetables keep their natural colors because they are not exposed to oxygen during cooking. Healthful dried beans and legumes can be prepared in a fraction of their traditional cooking time.

4) A cooler and cleaner kitchen.
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