Dinner Diva: Raising a Paleo baby

If you are currently expecting a baby, or if you have a baby getting ready to start on solid foods, how I envy you! You have the chance to raise an organic, Part-Time Paleo baby. How fortunate you are!
When you give birth to a healthy little human, you don’t have to feed that child cereals, as the conventional wisdom in parenting books would lead us to believe.

The majority of those boxed baby cereals contain GMOs, unnecessary starches, and sugars. And you can find organic varieties but they are quite overpriced.

Why not start your baby off with whole foods, right from the starting gate? Avocado, banana, and sweet potatoes are wonderful foods to start baby with. Eventually, treat baby to egg yolks (from free-range eggs please), salmon (wild caught pacific!), and liver (from grass-fed animals). Hey, if you introduce liver early enough, maybe it won’t one day evoke a gagging reflex!

Every food at the baby stage is a new and exciting taste experience, so don’t shy away from introducing foods typically believed to be non-kid-friendly. Kale is fine!

I know what you’re thinking… “But I don’t have time to make baby food!”

I don’t buy it! Make baby’s food at the same time you’re preparing the rest of the family’s meals. Make some extra sweet potato and puree it for your bambino. Anytime you cook veggies, save a portion for baby and pop it in the freezer. It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s really just a matter of pureeing those foods the rest of the family is eating.

We also now believe that it’s fine to introduce meat as early as six months and to offer it frequently.

Offering meats early gives your little one some much-needed iron, protein, and other key nutrients.

Serve baby a bit of meat, veggies, and fruit with each meal! Game meat is a great starter meat for baby, so save some ground bison to serve with Junior’s sweet potato and pea puree. Mmm! Obviously, you can’t give the child a T-Bone steak, but you can offer very softened meat that’s been poached, stewed, or boiled.

There is no comparison when it comes to mincing your own meat for your little one and to those awful jars of pureed turkey. Yuck. If you want to give baby a delicious first taste of meat, try cooking some beef or turkey in the slow cooker with some of her favorite veggies.

Instead of buying those awful boxed snack foods for baby, freeze fruit in ice cube trays and use one of those mesh baby feeders to allow little one a fun and delicious healthy snack. Offer roasted marrow bones to chew on when it’s teething time. Whole foods are so much better than packaged stuff.

I hope you’ll consider making your own Paleo food for your little caveman baby. You’ll be avoiding GMOs and allergens, and you’ll be fortifying your baby with minerals and vitamins, giving him or her a tremendously strong foundation in life.

By the way, the 30-Day Paleo Challenge is still available – Click here to join!

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