Science fiction meets your dinner plate

A revolutionary new gadget has been invented by a technology group in Toronto, Canada, and I feel like it is going to make a big impact on the health of folks around the world.

It’s called Tellspec, and it seriously sounds like something out of a science fiction movie.

You scan this little doodad (it’s about the size of a credit card and it comes in many colors) over your food and it beams all kinds of nutritional information to your smartphone—including whether the food item contains any allergens, preservatives or chemicals—so that you know exactly what you’re eating.

This could literally be a life-saving piece of equipment for someone with food allergies.

The Tellspec Scanner also tracks your intake of sugars, vitamins, and nutrients, telling you when you haven’t gotten enough of certain minerals and when you’ve ingested too many toxic chemicals (like mercury).

All of this sounds pretty cool, right? But it gets even more amazing. Tellspec takes reports about how you physically feel to help you identify any food sensitivities you may have. This is invaluable information for folks who have been suffering from unknown food allergies for years, trying to narrow down the problem!

The Tellspec folks just ended their Indigogo campaign, which had a goal of raising $100,000 to help bring this scanner to market. They surpassed their goal by over $200,000 and are now in production and hoping to launch their product in August of 2014.

Find out more about the cost of the Tellspec scanner and the science behind this amazing contraption here.

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