Skip the supermarket this week!

Dinner Diva
Skip the supermarket this week!

By: Leanne Ely

I have a challenge for you this week, if you dare. Actually, I am going to double dog dare you to try this.
Skip the supermarket this week. That’s right. SKIP. IT.
Instead, go to the farmer’s market and buy all you can of their freshly grown local produce, purchase the farm fresh eggs and the locally raised grass-fed beef and pastured chickens. If you need help finding a local source, check out
See if, for just one week, you can make meals happen in your home without opening one single solitary package.
Go on. I dare you.
I totally get that it’s hard; it’s hard even for hardcore Dinner Divas like me! We’re all so used to the convenience of our food being all neat and tidy in some kind of packaging, whether it’s a plastic bag, box or can. To have to deal with dirty produce and meat or chicken that doesn’t come in plastic wrapped Styrofoam trays, it makes us uncomfortable.
And while we can’t go back to the same culture of 100 years ago and work a vegetable garden for our year’s worth of food, raise some chickens and eat only what our land provides, we can slow down a bit.
For most of us, life goes fast and has gotten a whole lot more complicated with demanding careers, car pools and Facebook. And this is why I say, let’s take a week off from the supermarket and take joy in washing the dirt of the lettuce, cutting up a fresh from the farm chicken and roasting it with fresh herbs from the garden.
Life is too darned short to waste in the fast food lane or in the 10 items or less lane at the crowded grocery store. Let me know if you’re in for this challenge, I’d love to hear your stories!
Grab all that great food at the farmer’s market, then use our Freezer Menus to have on hand meals! There are so many varieties, you’re sure to find several that are right for you!

Saving Money on Groceries with Saving Dinner Fundraising and a Free Summer Frugal Menu

By: Daniel Munns

Eating well is very important to my family. While we occasionally go out for a nice lunch or dinner on the weekend, we prefer home-cooked, healthier meals during the week. We are also very focused finding ways to save money, and I would definitely consider us a frugal bunch.
One place we have learned to cut our costs is the grocery store. Grocery money is our biggest controllable expense, yet we don’t want to give up on the delicious and healthy family meals we have grown accustomed to. So we attack our weekend family outings to the grocery store with a plan, and we have the meal-planning resources from Saving Dinner to thank for that.
Saving Dinner Fundraising has many time and money-saving menus available for sale through our program. However, if you are strictly looking to keep costs down at the grocery store, look no further than the Frugal Package and the Frugal Package Deluxe. The great menus included in these packages will help you serve your family delicious and healthy meals at a fraction of the cost! Listen to what Saving Dinner frugal menu customer Carla has to say about these menus:
“We are three days into it, and I’m sold. Ever heard “somewhere in this fat body is a skinny woman screaming to get out”? Well, I am a highly organized, nutrition-conscience woman in a disorganized, time-challenged body with a job and three school-age boys. Consequently, I seem to be short on time to exercise my aptitude for nutritional, home-cooked meals, but somehow find plenty of time to lament in my guilt for “surely” stunting my boys’ growth and predisposing them for all kinds of horrid diseases by way of their steady rotation of fast food.
This week we have eaten well, enjoyed cooking together (funny how that happens…), saved $100 ($75 vs. the normal $175), and my office-mates are drooling over the aroma of my leftovers. And I LOVE the variety.”
We want to give you all a taste of these fantastic money-saving menus, so we are giving away a FREE week’s menu from our Summer Frugal Ebook on our Facebook page! Just click on “Free Menu” on our page to download your copy. If you haven’t joined us on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? Get your summer frugal menu now and keep up with the latest and greatest from Saving Dinner Fundraising!

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