Squash Blossoms

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I enjoyed a bumper crop of zucchini this year from my garden, but I’m definitely over the beautiful orange squash blossoms for this season, sadly.

Today, we’re going to give you a trick, a tip and a great recipe to use with squash blossoms (and you can use any blossom, from any squash, even pumpkin!)

Squash plants produce male and female flowers. The male flowers are commonly referred to as false blossoms as it’s the female flower that produces the actual little baby squashes.

Squash blossoms are about 4 inches long and they have papery orange petals.

(If you don’t grow your own squash, you will have a hard time finding squash blossoms because they are extremely perishable. Ask around at the farmers’ market to see if anyone has any blossoms they can sell you.)

Squash blossoms aren’t very high in nutrition, but they are tasty, gorgeous and fun to eat!


Now for your Trick:

Insects may be hiding in those blossoms, so wash them really well before using. You also need to remove the fuzzy yellow part from inside the flower.


Your Tip:

You can either toss the blossoms in with a stir fry or soup, or you can stuff them with whatever sort of filling you’d like and lightly sauté for an impressive appetizer. Or treat them like pasta and serve them with tomato sauce. Use your imagination!


And your Squash Blossom Recipe:

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