Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Health

Apple Cider vinegar for Your Health

Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Health There are several types of vinegar and one of the most common and popular is made from apples.   Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made from a process that includes adding yeast to apple cider to ferment it.  The yeast ferments the sugars in the apple juice and turns them […]

Natural Ways to Fight Colds and Flu

Winter is here! There may be snow on the ground, there is colder weather, lots of soups and stews, and then of course the stuffed up noses. It all sounds great until you’re blowing your nose every two seconds and your throat could pass for sandpaper. And if all that wasn’t enough, your lungs have to fight […]

Gut Flora – Help Your Gut Blossom!

Close up of woman wearing long sleeves holding pink flower in her cupped hands

Our bodies are filled with bacteria, and in a healthy body, we can have around 40 million of those little critters floating around, mostly in our intestines. However, we also may have a fair share of bad bacteria at any given moment and they can contribute to sickness and disease, so it is important to […]

Top Tips for Grilled Veggies and Fruits

I shared some tips with you a couple of weeks ago about grilling meats but there’s more to summer barbecue season than burgers and steaks! Why turn on the stove to cook your veggies when you have a perfectly good hot grill already prepped? Never mind the fact that grilled veggies and fruits taste like […]

Could you have an autoimmune problem?

Dear Friends– Today my dear friend, Dr. Terry Wahls is our guest columnist with some important information about autoimmune diseases. (If you don’t know who Terry Wahls, MD is, I strongly suggest you watch her TED video where she shares her journey of healing from MS and out of a tilt recline wheelchair! Absolutely one […]

Healthy Foods: If your mood’s out of whacka, try some maca

Maca is a root that belongs to the radish family. It hails from Peru, where it has long been valued for its health benefits. Nowadays, the rest of the world is catching on to the wonder of maca. Used for everything from boosting libido to relieving symptoms of menopause, maca is quite the item to […]

Food For Thought: The many health
benefits of cod Liver oil

Our grandmothers had it right in a lot of ways. For example, while not many moms and dads in this day and age force cod liver oil down the throats of their children, there’s a good chance that your parents or your parents’ parents were given no choice but to take a daily dose of […]

Food For Thought: Eat for your teeth

As we get older, so do our teeth. And the average North American diet is not conducive to dental health. Many of us suffer from enamel erosion and tooth decay, either from our highly acidic diet (carbonated beverages, wine, lemon water, etc.) or from lack of proper nutrition (or a combination of the two). Perhaps […]

Dinner Diva: Think Outside the Side Dish

How many of us live in households where the dinner plate consists of a serving of meat, starch, and a small portion of vegetables? Now that I eat a Paleo diet, my plate looks a lot different than it once did. No longer do we eat rice, couscous or pasta at my house. When you […]