The Truth About Protein

The science is very clear: protein (specifically collagen) is one of the most important nutrients for metabolic function and we need it to build every cell in our bodies.

As a matter of fact, we understand even more how important protein is–especially for women who want to build lean muscle, maintain or lose weight and keep functionality and mobility a part of their lives.

One recent study showed that 20 grams of protein in the morning for women, (35 grams for men) created actual changes in brain chemistry–changes in hunger hormones specifically that resulted in the ability to stay in control of eating throughout the rest of the day.

Lean muscle (we all want muscle–especially the kind that looks good in a sleeveless blouse!) is built through the proper understanding and consumption of protein. Without adequate protein, your body will use what available protein it has for deep metabolic healing and function– to heck with your arms!

That brings us to quality protein–and I’m going to talk specifically about Perfect Paleo Protein since I’ve had so many questions about it.

A few months ago, we completely overhauled our formulation for our protein and did our own proprietary brand. It was important to me that our ingredients be clean, pure, and no unnecessary fillers–just pure protein, specifically the most important protein of all, collagen.

Collagen is responsible for forming your body’s skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. As we age, we lose our ability to manufacture a sufficient amount of collagen–supplementing with collagen (specifically in a drink for instant access) makes this a non-issue.

Not only is collagen a needle mover for aging skin, it’s also helpful for those battling acne. Your body needs the extra collagen help to build healthy new tissue.

It’s critical for healing, too. And quite necessarily, your needs for more collagen go up if your body is in a healing crisis. This is why I also recommend drinking tons of bone broth for anyone going through illness or recovery from surgery or an accident.

The body replaces damaged muscle and skin tissues every 4 months anyway, why not replace those tissues with healthier, more vibrant cells?

Collagen (protein) is very slow to digest and requires work by the body to break it down. This increases the number of calories and heat the body has to use to make it happen–again, another boost to the metabolism.

Our unflavored Perfect Paleo Protein is 100% grass-fed collagen. With the chocolate or vanilla flavored, you get grass-fed collagen, chocolate or vanilla natural flavoring, and a little bit of stevia.

That’s it–nothing else added.

It blends well (doesn’t stick to the side of the blender), digests easily (no dairy, soy, or grains), and gives your body exactly what it needs to control cravings, keep your appetite in check, heal your body and create new (and better) skin!

Give it a try today–and get our smoothie ebook absolutely free–you’ll love the delicious recipes!

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    1. Hi, Candy! You can see the labels over in the store. Our Unflavored is 100% beef collagen, no other ingredients. The flavored ones have minimal ingredients, so they are likely a good fit for you. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any further questions.

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