Thyroid: it’s the key to weight loss

The 2 biggest questions I get asked is, 1) how did you lose all that weight, and 2) how did you drop it so quickly? I hear it all the time–from friends, family, and our Saving Dinner community.

I’ve shared some things I’ve learned along the way that have made a huge difference—changing my diet, exercise, and even my rest/sleep.

But I also got my thyroid under control. It was tough going, but with the help of blood tests and a good doc, I feel like a new woman.

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease. My thyroid was being relentlessly attacked by my own body, leaving me exhausted and slowing down my metabolism to a snail’s crawl. People like me either have a hard time losing weight and/or have an easy time gaining weight.

So to fix that issue, you have to know what you’re dealing with which means, blood tests. Like I always say, blood tests don’t lie and they tell you exactly what’s going on. So if you’re frustrated because you’re doing all the “right” stuff, this is definitely a place to start.

Blood tests can tell a great deal about what’s going on with you… from the inside out! This includes factors that can make a big difference in how you manage your weight.

If, for instance, you ask your healthcare provider to order a weight management panel for you, he or she will have access to a comprehensive metabolic panel, a lipid profile, glucose levels, and hormone levels.

That’s a great start—but it still doesn’t address the entire scope of your thyroid if that’s the issue. Ask your provider to add a full panel thyroid test. My experience is sometimes insurance will pay, other times it won’t, and believe me, I’ve paid for some of these tests out of pocket. Not too expensive and so worth it when you’re trying to determine what’s going on!

These numbers will allow your integrative healthcare provider to help dial you in with medications if necessary (for me, this is the case) and get some good recommendations for supplements, all based on what’s happening with your body’s actual functioning.

Bottom line? You know if something just isn’t “right”. So go get your blood tested. This could be the beginning of your journey to taking your body back!

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