Dinner Diva: True or False-a: I love Salsa?

True! True! Do you have a jar of America’s most popular condiment in your fridge? I know I do! No, I’m not talking ketchup (can you say high fructose corn syrup?) and I’m not talking mayonnaise. I’m talking about salsa!
According to some sales surveys, salsa is indeed America’s favorite condiment. I have a question for you, though. What’s in your salsa? Is it tomatoes and onions alone? Because, oh, salsa can be so much more!
Salsa is Spanish for “sauce.” Some like it raw (that’s salsa cruda), and some like it cooked. Some like it mild and some like it hot. Some even like it green (salsa verde)! But most everyone likes some kind of salsa. And what’s not to like?
The sweet spicy flavor of salsa is awesome with chips, eggs, fajitas, and all sorts of other dishes. The fruity varieties are delicious on salads, meats, and fish.
Salsa is a very healthy condiment (as long as you choose organic) and it’s very low in calories. Half a cup of traditional oil-free salsa with tomatoes, onions, and peppers has a ridiculously low amount of calories and hardly any fat. The calorie count goes up depending on the variety and if there are beans and/or fruits added.
If you’re grilling chicken, consider mixing up a salsa of tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple, and your favorite herbs and spices. If you’re serving mussels, try a fresh tomato salsa.
Salsa is an excellent way to add loads of fresh flavor and nutrition to your meal without adding calories.
If you purchase salsa at the store, look for the organic version and watch the sodium! Many commercially made salsas are high in salt. Really, though, making your own salsa is as easy as chopping vegetables.
You may have to chop until you drop, but the fresh flavor will be worth it, I promise!
Your basic ingredients will be Roma tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, jalapenos, lime juice, salt, and cilantro. Taste test until you get it just right. Once you have the basic formula down, have fun with it! Separate your salsa into separate little batches where you can add all kinds of things. Add in some avocado, mango, strawberries, pineapple, and black beans . . . you’re limited only by your imagination!
As a bonus, salsa freezes just great! Freeze it in very small batches so you can thaw out enough for one meal at a time.
What’s your favorite thing to put salsa on? Tell us here!

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