What’s the Skinny on CLA?

What’s the Skinny on CLA?

What’s the Skinny on CLA? Is CLA a weight loss miracle pill?  Theories and postulations abound–fortunately, there’s some research too.  One theory says that it modulates fat metabolism, which helps your body use food for energy.  Another thought is that it causes fat and weight loss because it boosts the body’s metabolism by increasing your […]

Gut Flora – Help Your Gut Blossom!

Close up of woman wearing long sleeves holding pink flower in her cupped hands

Our bodies are filled with bacteria, and in a healthy body we can have around 40 million of those little critters floating around, mostly in our intestines. However, we also may have a fair share of bad bacteria at any given moment and they can contribute to sickness and disease, so it is important to […]

Smoothie Power, Part 3

Three green smoothies in mason jars, shown from above on ivy covered red tile

We’ve discussed protein, fiber and now we’re going to discuss fat. These three components are critically important in each meal, but especially important for your first meal (I’m suggesting you keep it a liquid meal for quick absorption and easy digest-ability). Like I said, each of these three components play crucial and important roles in […]

Smoothie Power, Part 2

Yellow smoothie with striped straw in a clear glass on a grey wooden serving tray

In my first Smoothie Power blog post (which you can read here) I shared with you the wisdom behind breaking your fast with a liquid meal (AKA a smoothie). In Part 1, I dug into the fiber component of our powerhouse smoothies–it’s a favorite of mine because I’ve enjoyed the benefits of FiberMender for a […]

Smoothie Power

Green vegetables and lemons sliced and laid artistically on a green background

One of the biggest needle movers when it comes to bumping up your nutrition, weight loss and just plain feeling great is starting your day off with a smoothie. I’ve been a fan for years–and raised my children on smoothies, too. However it is you break your fast–whether it’s early in the morning, or later […]

Be Proactive with Probiotics

Good  gut bacteria  is a hugely underrated  benefit for your physical  well-being. Did  you know  that there  are roughly 450  or so different species  of bacteria right now sitting  in your gastrointestinal tract? If  you put all of those little critters  on a kitchen scale, they’d add up to about  three pounds. Now, I don’t […]

If you can’t control cravings…

Can't Control Cravings | SavingDinner.com

One of the biggest issues facing anyone who is trying to get their weight under control is dealing with those endless cravings. Most of the time, it’s sugar–yes, sugar. EVEN if it’s not a craving for something sweet. You see, carb cravings and sugar cravings go hand in hand. They are BFFs and are out […]

Favorite Thing: Just Juiced Veggies

Drink Your Greens | SavingDinner.com

I’m going to bet you money that you have never binged on broccoli or kale. And I’m further going to bet that your cravings have little to do with vegetables. That’s why I’m in LOVE with Just Juiced Vegetables–it’s one of my FAVORITE things! Being able to get 5-7 servings in a simple scoop of […]

Something Fishy Here…

Something Fishy | SavingDinner.com

What if a supplement had the ability to change your life? Yes–I’m talking about your heart, brain, skin, hair, nails, immune response, mood (including depression), focus, blood sugar metabolism…and it fights inflammation! It’s a powerful support in the treatment of many other issues, too including Alzheimer’s, eczema, cancer, and macular degeneration. That pretty much wraps […]

? Sugar Cravings (Kill Them with THIS)

In the food department of life, sugar is the one the toughest things to get under control. The cravings are real–whether it’s for sweet treats, French fries or pasta–it’s all a carb free-for-all and it causes deadly belly fat and destroys your health. We know this–the abundant research and studies have been very clear–sugar is […]