Dear Dinner Diva-Back Again!

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Dear Dinner Diva-Back Again!

By: Leanne Ely

Hey y’all!
It’s time again for Dear Dinner Diva! Got a question? Read to the end and find out how to get your burning cooking question answered (pardon the play on words, LOL).

Here we go-
We’ve got the proper portions down pat for meat/starch/veggie meals. WHEW!
My driving question is:
We have them 2-3 times a week and I get stumped on “ENOUGH”.
They usually taste so good that DH and I go back for more, but, are we
getting enough protein, veggies, starch, etc.?
Please post this because we really are trying to eat healthier.
Thank you,
Flybaby, Sue in Michigan
Hi Sue,
That’s tough because sometimes the one dish meal is protein deficient and to get enough protein, the eater of the one dish meal may go several times back to get more because there wasn’t enough protein. I promise you, protein is the satiator! My suggestion is you cook a little extra protein and throw that one side (a small chicken breast may do the trick). Also fat and fiber fill and satiate as well, so keep in mind building in a good dose of fiber into your meals and a little fat to hold the recipient. 🙂
Hi Leanne-
I am a long time subscriber to your Menu-Mailer and let me tell
you have saved my marriage. I am not thrilled about cooking and it was a
constant source of stress between DH and myself. Now I have less stress
about dinner! Thank You!
My question is this, a few years ago DH developed an allergy to spinach.
We have tried different stores, growing it ourselves, etc. To see if was
just a producer/store/chemical that he was allergic to. Even the home-
grown stuff makes his throat close. I was wondering if there is a viable
substitution to spinach in the recipes that I can use.
Thank you again for making dinnertime less stressful for my family.
Katie G. in Oregon
Hi Katie,
Wow, so glad to help you out in the cooking department of life! 🙂
As far as a substitute for spinach, it would really depend a lot on the recipe. If for example, you were using spinach as part of a stuffed chicken breast recipe, I would advise you to substitute kale. You would need to precook it as it doesn’t have that “fast food” cooking quality of spinach, but it would definitely work. I would say it would work for a lot of things, but precooking it would be key.
Dear Dinner Diva,
How do you substitute whole wheat flour for white flour in recipes?
When I use all WW flour, my bread or cookies turn out much drier and
dense. Do you use less or add more liquid? I you add more liquid, what
kind? Also, I have started to use almond flour. When I use this, my
baked goods turn out runny. They taste great, just look bad! Any
thoughts on how to substitute that?
Hi Lisa,
Instead of using whole wheat flour, use whole wheat PASTRY flour. That is the key. You can use it 1:1 and it works beautifully. It’s much lighter and not as heavy as regular whole wheat—that’s important!
As far as almond flour is concerned, it’s tough to make it look nice. You really need to add a stabilizing component such as potato starch or arrowroot flour if you’re looking to keep it gluten free. The ratios will depend on what you’re baking so I can’t answer that one exactly. I would say however, if it tastes great, sprinkle powdered sugar on it or whipped cream and berries and don’t worry about it! LOL
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