Dinner Diva: Where does your garden grow?

Todd Jones had a dream that food, good food (the kind you grow in the ground), could be more readily available to more people, especially people who have little access to fresh food. So last June, he started a personal farming service in the suburbs with the assumption that if people didn’t have the time, space, etc. to grow their own food, why not provide them with a service to get it? His rationale was if landscaping services exist, why not farm services too?
Great thought, a fabulous idea, and before he knew it, he was busy beyond belief. To keep track of the gardens he was working on, he made his own web interface to organize all his crops.
Which got him thinking again; why not make this a social network and allow people to communicate with each other about food for sale from backyard gardens? Now people who are looking to buy fresh food have a place to find it and people who are growing it, have a place to sell it.
What a wonderful way to build community and neighborly commerce at the same time.
The reaction to this concept has been very positive from day one as they understand overwhelmingly the potential benefits: sell food from your backyard, make a little money and keep growing it. That little bit of cash infusion in the garden will keep the veggies coming.
But is building a social platform like this akin to building Facebook for veggies? Well, not exactly, but it does require a bit of capital.
To get the exposure and money for this venture, Jones is betting on kickstarter.com to help bring in the needed funds. Kickstarter is a company that brings together people needing seed money and people who are eager to help and willing to back small companies and individuals with projects they believe in.
The only possible fly in the ointment on trying to raise money this way is that with Kickstarter, it’s an all-or-nothing proposition. Jones has till June 15th to get the $10,000 he is trying to raise.
If this is something you’re interested in seeing come to fruition, check out Jones’ website, http://everylastmorsel.com, and scroll down to find the link to contribute!
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