Healthy Foods: Grillin’ great veggies!

Grilling veggies is not only a simple way to cook your vegetables; it’s also a delicious way to ramp up the flavor without much effort. Plus grilling your veggies is green, it keeps the house cool and uses the grill you’ve already heated up to grill your favorite chicken, beef, or fish recipe.

One of my very favorite grilled vegetables is asparagus. Asparagus lends itself to grilling as they are hearty and can stand the heat. To make sure your asparagus doesn’t fall through the grill, you can make little “rafts” out of them with long, bamboo skewers (I show you how in the grilling video in this week’s Healthy Foods).
Other veggies that do well with grilling include summer squash, zucchini, onion, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and of course, corn on the cob.
The trick to making sure your veggies get grilled correctly is making sure they all have access to even heat on the grill. In other words, a single layer on your grill. You need to either use a grill basket or tray (so they don’t fall through the grate) or put your veggies on kabobs using bamboo skewers that have been soaked (at least 30 minutes in water so they won’t burn) or stainless skewers.
Here’s your recipe for great grilled veggies: fabulous fresh veggies all washed and prepared, a little olive oil, a dash of sea salt, and freshly ground pepper, then let the grill do its magic!
NOTE: I don’t recommend grilling in aluminum foil. Why? Well, you just end up steaming the veggies in those foil packets, so what’s the point? Do yourself a favor and get a grill tray or use skewers and expose those veggies to the grill, that is how real grilled veggies are made!
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