How to get your appetite under control

We’ve all been there.

Our plan is printed out, the food shopped for, the preparation is done—we’re ready. We are excited—this time, we’re really going to do it!

Then out of nowhere, suddenly this urgent, silent craving hits you upside the head and makes all your good intentions fly out the window with record speed. It’s depressing, it rocks your boat and shakes your self-confidence. You ask yourself, “Can I really do this or am I going to have to battle these cravings forever?”

I know that feeling all too well. I’ve been there and done battle just like you have. And I have good news. There are ways around them!

Here are some of the tactics I’ve deployed in my war against cravings:

More good fat. I try to eat healthy fat with each meal, whether it’s a few nuts as a snack, some avocado on my salad, or butter on my veggies. Eating plenty of healthy fat helps you feel nice and satisfyingly full.

More water. I really don’t have to tell you that drinking water is essential for a well-functioning body. Being hydrated facilitates all of your body’s processes, and you should always have a glass of water at the ready. When I started drinking half my body weight in water in ounces every day, it started making a big difference in bloating, and weight loss and as a bonus, my skin looked amazing.

CLA and B6. This summer I added CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) to my supplements, which can help those of us with thyroid issues lose weight. CLA has been shown to decrease abdominal fat, increase metabolism, help lower cholesterol, enhance the immune system, and it may even lower insulin resistance. I also upped my B6 intake (along with my B-complex; B’s work together better) which also helps with metabolism.

Krill oil. I bumped up my krill oil, too. That’s because of the high concentration of Omega 3s in krill oil that helps encourage weight loss when a healthy eating plan is followed. Look for a very good quality krill oil. Mine is from the Arctic Ocean—you need a clean source.

There’s even more that can be done—l-glutamine is an amino acid you can add in loose powder form to your smoothie to kill sugar cravings. Making sure to have adequate fiber and protein is another, plus having an accountability partner or group makes a world of difference!

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