I’m gonna tell ya to get some Chlorella!

I’m gonna tell ya to get some Chlorella!

By: Leanne Ely

A week ago I told you all about one of my favorite super foods — spirulina. Today I’m talking about another form of algae that is every bit as good for you as spirulina is.VItamins
Chlorella is most well known as being a super food that will detoxify your body of heavy metals. If you’ve ever had a mercury filling, used Teflon cookware or eaten fish then chances are you’ve got some metal toxins floating around inside of you.
Some ways you can tell if you have a toxic buildup of heavy metals in your body include:
• Depression
• Reproductive problems (in women)
• Aching joints
• Fatigue
• Digestive distress
I could go on all day about the dangers of metal toxicity, but for a short list, it can damage your kidneys, your brain and your central nervous system.
And to think, this humble little single-celled fresh water algae will help flush that mercury right out of your body!
What makes chlorella so powerful? The high amount of chlorophyll it contains. Not only does chlorella detox your body, but that chlorophyll also cleanses your blood, helps you process more oxygen and it helps repair tissue while it’s in there.
But there are many other health benefits in chlorella that it’s about as close as you can get to a perfect food.
What else is chlorella doing while it’s in your body?
• Boosting your immune system
• Cleansing your bowels
• Protecting your liver
• Leveling your blood pressure
• Improving your digestion
• Eliminating molds from your body
• Giving you more energy
• Balancing your body’s pH levels
• Freshening your breath
• Reducing your risk of cancer
Several brands of multivitamins now contain chlorella. Do some homework and determine what the best brand would be for you. I recommend going with a good brand and don’t just reach for the cheapest bottle on the shelf! Personally, I like Jarrow.

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  1. I’m not entirely sure how metal toxins would get in your system from Teflon… considering that it has no metals or heavy metals in it.

    1. Logan,
      My mistake, it should have said “toxic chemicals” and not heavy metals
      Thanks for letting us know!

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