Dinner Diva: Lessons from the hive

Dear Friends,
Today I was contemplating the big honey extraction coming up at the end of this month from our hives. The hives are positively buzzing with excitement (forgive me, but prepare yourselves, this probably isn’t the last of the play on words, LOL) and the sweet reward of what’s to come has everyone excited, including this new beekeeper.
There are many lessons from the hive to be learned; lessons in diligence, hard work, and (believe it or not) choosing the very best food.
We’ve all heard the term queen bee while referring to someone who thinks she’s above it all. In the hive, the queen is revered, pampered, and taken care of all of her life. She’s fed the best food (royal jelly), lays up to 2,000 eggs a day, and can live to be 5 years old. All other bees only live to be 6 weeks old, max.
The lesson from the hive for us is to, like the queen, eat only the best food (not lay a few thousand eggs a day) and extend our lives as a result. Is eating the best food a guarantee that we’ll live to be 100? Not necessarily.
However, eating the best available, highly identifiable foods and staying away from all the packaged junk with unpronounceable ingredients and no nutritional value is a great start to a healthy life.
Even the bees know this, especially the queen.
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