Raise the Barre for Weight Loss

Before I even start with today’s blog post, thank you to each and every one of you who has commented on my new silhouette. It has taken lots of work, but I feel wonderful. Your compliments and words of encouragement really do mean a great deal to me.

And because you’ve asked, I want to share a bit more about what has been the biggest needle mover for me, at least with regard to exercise. I changed everything up, ditched the cardio and weight lifting (at least at the beginning) and started taking barre classes.

So what is barre fitness?

Barre classes are based on using the barre like you do in ballet. As a former dancer (I took ballet for years in my youth and into my adult years), I was intrigued by the concept of fitness via barre.

Barre is generally held in a group setting, with great music that really gets you pumped up. You do a series of exercises based on what you would do in a ballet class—like plies, tondu, all the while keeping the spine aligned, tummy tucked in and your seat tucked in as well. In my class we use lightweights and bands as well as a Pilates ball and disc.

Even though I was familiar with the barre and knew it would be effective, I had no idea how quickly it would work for me. I was absolutely blown away!

If you’re looking to incorporate some fun into your fitness regime (or to start a fitness regime), see if you have a gym in your town that offers a barre class—that’s where I do mine, at a big box gym though there are great franchises out there that offer classes in their studios.

Should you decide to head to the barre, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Wear comfortable clothing and preferably nothing too loose and baggy, so the instructor can see that you’re properly aligned.

Barre workouts are usually done in sticky socks (or barefoot), and most barre studios provide them for sale (though you can bring your own).

Bring along a refillable water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

And most importantly, come with an open mind, and be prepared to have fun. If you’re self-conscious about being the new person in class, leave that at the door! Everyone was new once, and everyone will be so focused on what they are doing that they won’t be paying any attention to you!

Oh, and one final thing: I strongly encourage you to measure yourself before your first class and take a “before” picture. That’s the best way to gauge your results. The scale is one thing but measurements are quite another!

Now go get yourself to the nearest barre and have fun 😉


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