Top Ten Fibrous Foods

Boosting your intake of fiber in your diet should be tops on the list of anyone hoping to improve their nutritional profile and will absolutely keep you on a regular, first name basis with a certain porcelain object in your bathroom, if you know what I mean. This is important information for anyone hoping to […]

Get back to your roots: A Root Vegetable Primer

Root vegetables are easy to grow and offer so much nutritionally (and deliciously, too!) I thought I’d put together a little primer for you to get all you can from root vegetables including how easy they are to grow and how to prepare them! Carrots. Perhaps the first food that comes to mind when you […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Bananas!

You’d have a difficult time finding a home in North America without a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter. Bananas are harvested all year long from trees, where they grow on the banana plant in clusters of 50–150 other bananas. Delicious, nutritious, and so darn versatile, all wrapped up in their own biodegradable wrapper, […]

Breakfast in a glass (+ my favorite smoothie recipe)

I have been a huge fan of smoothies for years—they’re one of my favorite things. Smoothies are part of my daily life, as are fresh juices; however, unlike juices, a smoothie can be a complete meal in a glass. And absolutely perfect for summer. With a smoothie, you have your healthy fat, protein, nutrients and […]

Liquid Lunch (or breakfast… or dinner)

Have I mentioned before how much I adore smoothies? Yes, yes, I believe I have! I start each day with a big ol’ healthy blended drink. But guess what? Sometimes I have a smoothie for lunch or even for dinner. Let’s be honest . . . life gets hectic sometimes, and while I like to […]

Which tropical root is full of B-complex vitamins?

If you’ve been searching the Internet for recipes free of gluten, you have no doubt come upon the mention of arrowroot. Arrowroot is an easily digestible starch used in gluten-free cooking as a stabilizing and thickening ingredient. Arrowroot is grown primarily in the Caribbean Islands, the Philippines, and South America. As a fresh root, this […]

It’s time to get into a pickle

This is the year, y’all. This is the year you are going to can your summer harvest! And by “can” I mean pickle! Because really, how many cucumbers can one family eat? Once upon a time homes didn’t have freezers or refrigerators, so in order to preserve food, it had to be pickled. To pickle […]

What green pod can help your vision and keep you regular?

Okra isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, but if you knew how healthy these edible green pods were, I think you might find yourself warming up to them. Now, I’m from California so I didn’t grow up eating fresh okra. But when I moved to the South, I found out from growing them myself, that they can […]

Antioxidants, beauty and taste in one little berry!

One of the most nutritious berries on the block is in season right now! Yes, it’s time to sing the praises of the small but mighty blueberry with a trick, tip, and a great recipe to try out! Blueberries are one of my favorite superfoods. There is so much goodness within those deep blue or […]