There’s nothing like it

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Dinner Diva
There’s nothing like it

By: Leanne Ely

This is the time of year where green thumbs and gardening novices alike storm the home improvement store’s gardening section and attempt to start a vegetable garden. It’s an old tradition to plant a summer garden. And while it may seem a tad romantic to have a Martha Stewart styled vegetable garden, for many people it seems highly unattainable.
And I think that’s a shame.
We complain about models being photoshopped on magazine covers, right? Well I for one will add to that complaint the pictures of unattainably beautiful gardens in magazines. They can be quite attractive, but honestly, that isn’t the ultimate goal.
One of the healthiest things you can do for your body, psyche and soul is to plant a garden that mixes the edible with the inedible. Whether that garden is huge and abundant or it’s the community garden in an urban setting you have to take a bus to get to, gardening is in my mind, a fundamental connection we can all have with understanding the importance of eating good food.
When it’s grown and cultivated by your own hands, the appreciation for that first green bean or tomato is celebrated with pictures on Facebook and a somewhat braggadocios sentence or two to display your gardening prowess– look at me, I’m a farmer!
I have yet to see pictures on Facebook about food bought at the grocery store. Growing your own food turns the monotony of opening the fridge, pulling out something you bought from the grocery store, cooking it and eating it everyday into a primal experience on many levels. There’s simply nothing like it.
Connect to the source of your food this year and try a little garden. You don’t have to plow up the backyard or even build a raised bed. Just throw some zucchini in between the petunias and impatiens and put a pretty tomato plant in a planter. With a little creativity and thinking outside of the norm, we can all enjoy a bountiful garden.
Need some inspiration to use up those garden goodies? Try our Vegetarian ebooks!

Saving Dinner Fundraising Welcomes Summer with New Packages for Sale!

By:  Daniel Munns

Summer is here, and I couldn’t be more excited!  To me, the warm weather means firing up the grill, having friends and family over for a cookout, and spending time outdoors.  Saving Dinner Fundraising has decided to welcome the season with two brand new packages for sale – the Summer Package and the Summer Deluxe Package!
The new additions to the fundraising product lineup include many of your favorite summer menus from Saving Dinner including: Summerama, Summer Grillerama, Summer Salads and Smoothies, the Summer Ebook, and much more!
These Summer packages are a great way to prepare you for the next few months of grilling season.  To assist you further, I want to share a few grilling tips from our founder Leanne Ely:

  1. Clean Your Grill – Just because everything technically burns off, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scrape down the remains of the previous meal made.  Think about it, would you want burnt scraps of last week’s dinner sneaking into this week’s?  All you need to do is take a metal brush and either brush it down after you use it or even wait until you use it again – either way make sure it happens before the next course of food touches the grate.
  1. Put A Lid On It! (or not) – Just because you have a lid doesn’t mean you have to use it religiously. In fact, I suggest skipping the lid when grilling the essentials (steak, chicken, burgers, etc.). You’ll notice that whenever you do that you lock in the smoke and your steak that had been marinating for two days prior will have the strong taste of smoke instead of the marinade.
  1. Make It Right – First of all – don’t just throw a steak on the grill straight from it’s packaging. That flavorful first bite you’ve been looking forward to since you brought that luscious steak home in the first place is going to be severely lacking in any flavor. On the other hand I don’t want you to submerge it in a sea of marinade for a week. Think simple. As far as steaks go, I recommend rubbing each side in with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a bit of basic steak rub – taking a gallon size Ziploc and add just a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, then add the steaks and allow them you soak in that for a few hours if not one or two days. Then write me a thank you note telling me how delightful your steak was!
  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled – When you’re grilling, you won’t have the same amount of prep time you do when you’re in the kitchen. In fact, you really won’t have any time at all because you’ll always have to keep an eye on whatever you’re grilling lest it becomes charred remains. So, before diving into the dinner you’ve plotted to be entirely cooked on the grill, make sure everything is seasoned, sliced, diced, and ready to go!

So, do you want to get your group’s fundraising off to a sizzling start?  Email for all the juicy details!

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