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Did you know that pears are a member of the rose family? Yes! They sure are. There are over 3000 varieties of pears in the world. If you plant a pear tree today it will take about 7 years to produce fruit, but they can live for 100 years.

Pears are packed with fiber and a good amount of vitamin C. One pear gives you 6 grams of fiber in a sweet, juicy, crunchy package for only 100 calories for a medium sized fruit.


Here’s today’s TRICK:

All pears can be eaten raw as they are, or diced and put into fruit salad. Pears are also great for cooking with meats, used in a stuffing, jams, chutneys, and can even be roasted, grilled or braised.


Here’s a TIP:

Buy your pears unripe and ripen them up at home. These babies are one fruit that does better coming home to ripen rather than on the tree—birds get them, they get squishy quickly after ripening, so don’t feel bad taking home unripened fruit.


And your RECIPE:

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