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Do you ever wake up tired after sleeping all night? While there can be other causes of this, one big culprit might be your mattress. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can be a sleep thief. In fact, I’ve had my share of less than wonderful mattresses in my life. Add to that a desire for a safe and healthy night’s sleep and I knew I needed to make a change to my mattress and quickly. I am going to share why I love my Organix Bed mattress, especially since I wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Why I Love My Organix Bed Mattress

Let’s talk about mattress safety first!

When picking out a mattress, it can be tempting to pick the one that promises the best support or that promises to keep you comfortable. While these things are incredibly important, there are other factors to consider. Not all mattresses are created equally and not all mattresses are safe for sleep. Some can contain harmful ingredients that work against your health. Here are a few things you might not know about mattresses when mattress shopping.

Many mattresses have toxic chemicals added.

In order to pass a burn test, many mattresses will be full of chemicals such as fire retardants, formaldehyde, and asbestos! This is a chemical nightmare. I bought a mattress before this one that had a lot of these chemicals added. I had a sore throat for a month after. The smell took over the house for a month compared to the Organix Bed I have now. With my Organix Bed, I don’t have this experience because they don’t use the same harsh chemicals. The strong smell and health reactions are not a part of the experience and I love that!

Why does a good night sleep is critical to your health

A good night of sleep helps with increased blood supply to muscles and helps with restoring muscles. But, there are four different stages of sleep: Awake, Light Sleep, REM (when our brain indexes the day’s thoughts and experiences), and then Deep Sleep.

Deep Sleep is not only when tissue is repaired but it is also when hormones are released. Growth hormones, appetite hormones, and melatonin are released, all of which are essential to your body’s regular functioning. In addition, Deep Sleep is when your body detoxifies and immune cells are released. So, if we are not spending much time in Deep Sleep, then our body doesn’t have a chance to replenish itself.

How does an Organix Bed mattress help me with Deep Sleep?

We naturally move around in our sleep, going in and out of the four stages throughout the night. But, our mattress can either help or hinder reaching stages 3 and 4 (REM and Deep Sleep). Things such as moving in your sleep because of discomfort or because the bed is too warm can work against cycling into a deeper sleep.

An Organix Bed mattress has a gel matrix that supports all of my body without leaving behind an impression I have to climb into the next time I get into bed. It is also equipped to stay cool which means that I don’t overheat and wake up frequently.

As someone who sits a lot of the day, I need my back to feel fully supported. I previously had a mattress that didn’t do that. It left me with constant back pain. This back pain limited what I could accomplish on a given day and left me pushing through discomfort. Now that I have switched to this mattress I have a more supportive mattress and my back issues have been fixed! The gel matrix offers support to areas like my hips where I need it most. It also makes sure my spine stays aligned which is a huge win!

Another important thing for me is a mattress that stays cool. As women, we enter a certain stage in life where staying cool becomes more important. With my old mattress, I was constantly overheating and using only sheets to stay as cool as possible. This meant that I was waking up often because I was overheated and never getting a quality night of sleep. Due to the technology used on this mattress, it naturally stays cooler. This means I don’t wake up overheated at night and disrupt my sleep cycle.

Let’s talk about a few of the questions people ask about this mattress.

One of the common questions asked when buying a new mattress is, “How long will it really last?” After all, there are countless studies about how mattresses can hold dust and other unsavory items within them. In fact, many say that a mattress needs to be changed every five to seven years. While that may be the case with some mattresses, it isn’t with this one. My mattress came with a 20-year warranty and they definitely back up that warranty with a promise that it will stay high-quality for the full-time frame of the warranty. 

What about cleaning the mattress? Many mattresses are known to hold dust and dirt, so how do I protect my investment and keep this bed amazing for longer? One of the things that comes with the mattress is a high-quality mattress cover that is meant to keep any of this dust or debris from ever touching the mattress. This means I can take the cover off of the mattress, wash it well, and return it to the mattress without having to do any special cleaning to the mattress! 

Why do you need the Organix Bed mattress? 

I’ve told you why it works for me but why do you need it?  You might be thinking that your mattress does an ok job. Ask yourself a few questions though. Do you ever wake up with joint pain, back pain, or an aching body after a night’s sleep? Do you ever have a sore throat or respiratory irritation after waking up? Does your bed feel incredibly hot in the middle of the night or leave you waking up often to change position? These are all signs that the bed you are currently sleeping on isn’t serving you well. It’s time to make a change to a bed that puts you first and in my opinion, this is that bed! 

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