Women’s History Month: Honoring the Wise Women in Your Life

Women’s History Month is here and with it comes the desire to focus on the wise women in our lives. History is packed with wise women who did big things to change the world. These women sacrificed and worked hard to create changes large and small that would shape the world for years to come. Women’s History Month is our time to honor wise women from the past and from the present! Here are a few ways to honor wise women.

Ways to Honor Wise Women

The wise women in your life work hard for changes big and small within our neighborhoods and within their homes. They are the women working tirelessly in non-profit charities and local outreaches, getting their hands dirty in the fight to give our daughters more in the future and raising young ladies to grow into future wise women. This can sound like a daunting task and it can be easy to get worn down. This is why it is so important to honor the wise women in your life. Here are a few things you can try.

Give them a break

Working hard to do big things can be exhausting. Many wise women will work themselves to exhaustion trying to do it all. Change often comes at a price and for many women, the price is rest and time spent on themselves. Often women will move self-care to the back burner so that they can focus on the needs of others. Women’s History Month is one of the great times to step in and give the women in your life a break. Here are a few ways to help the wise women in your life get a break:

  • Offer to cook a meal or take them out for one – After a busy day, cooking can be exhausting. Taking the time to offer to either cook a meal or treat her to a meal can be such a relief. Not only does it take something off her plate, but it also gives her a chance to slow down and enjoy a meal. When planning a meal, make sure to ask her what works best with her schedule. This will give you the chance to offer a meal on one of her busier days or when she really needs a break. Plus, we’ve got some great recipes you can peruse to find something she will enjoy.
  • Help her get things done – The wise women in your life are probably juggling a multitude of responsibilities. One of the simplest ways you can honor her is by helping to take some of her responsibilities off of her shoulder. This might mean offering to run an errand, help with an item on her to-do list, or even offer to just join her while she gets a less desirable task done.
  • Offer to help with cleaning – Cleaning can feel like a tedious task that takes away time from other priorities. Offering to help with cleaning can be a way to honor the wise woman in your life. This may mean hiring a cleaner, coming to clean an area she hasn’t had time to tackle, or just spending time talking with her while she folds laundry.
  • Offer to go someplace fun with her – Many wise women never take time to truly enjoy themselves. A day trip to the beach, to a picnic in the park, or even to her favorite restaurant is a satisfying way to honor both her mental space and her time while providing a break from the mundane.

Give gifts on purpose.

If you are planning to give a gift as a way to honor her, it can help to give gifts on purpose. The woman in your life tends to want different gifts than you might expect. Taking the time to give a gift on purpose can be a game-changer. It can communicate that you know and see her for who she is and that’s a huge deal. Here are a few ways to give gifts on purpose.

  • Give a gift that helps her health – Items like a quality supplement, such as our BeautySupport, skincare items like our Skincare Trio, or other things that help her health can be great gifts. Make sure to check into what her specific needs are so you can pick the tea, serum, supplement, or moisture cream that would work for her.
  • Give a gift that is unique to her – Does she love something very specific? Is she interested in certain things? Buy a gift that is unique to her. Not only does this communicate that you care, it communicates that you see her as a person.
  • Give a gift that helps her meet her goals – For some women, there are goals they want to achieve but they can’t get everything they need out of the gate. She may have a business book she’s wanted to read, a ring light she wanted, or other items that help her meet her goals. Giving her some of these items can help her to meet her goals and can be an incredible gift.

Honor her time.

Many wise women balance many things at one time. Oftentimes honoring someone might mean giving a gift or doing something. However, there is something you can do that involves no money and minimal effort. When you are hoping to honor a wise woman, honor her time. Here are a few ways to honor her time.

  • Respect times when she can’t talk – There are times when she may still answer the phone but she can’t really talk. However, in an attempt to do all the things, she may still talk. One way to honor the woman in your life is to find out what their schedule is and call during times that work for her. This simple task can mean the world to her.
  • Honor your appointments – If you agree to do something together, honor that appointment. This might mean not canceling, being on time, or making sure to show up where you agreed to be. With time being so valuable, honoring the appointments you made with her can be a huge sign of respect.
  • Respect her downtime – If the wise woman in your life sets aside a time each week that is hers, honor that. It could be a time when she wants to soak in a bath, read a good book, or just unplug for a bit. Find a way to honor that downtime and reach out to her when she’s not on her downtime.

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