Easy Tricks to Shortcut Your Cooking

Shortcut Cooking | SavingDinner.com

I get asked all the time for ways to make dinner faster. I get that; we’re a microwave society. We want it quick, dirty, and hassle-free. This is why convenience foods are so popular (and expensive and 99% of the time, full of chemicals and lacking nutrients). Here are a couple of things that I […]

The Case for Butter

I get a lot of emails from people who are, understandably, nutritionally confused. How do you decipher the claims of some of these things? The biggest question I get is regarding the butter/margarine debate. Check this out: Dear Leanne, I’m confused. You say I should use butter instead of margarine because margarine isn’t real food. […]

Ask Leanne: Why does keto have to be so complicated?

Unbelievable–that’s exactly the difference between a keto diet (all the rage!) and our own Hot Melt Sprint. Yesterday I explained the difference between a keto diet and a paleo diet (because you ask me that all the time, LOL!!) And now I think it’s important to explain the difference between a standard keto diet and […]

Ask Leanne: What’s the difference between Keto and Paleo?

I get asked this question. All. The.TIME! So I thought I would spend a little time giving you the major differences, plus a recipe to help you see (and taste) a GREAT recipe! First of all, a ketogenic diet is a diet that is higher in fat, and lower in carbs and protein. The paleo […]

Ask Leanne: How to Make a Protein Packed Breakfast WITHOUT Protein Powder

In my inbox today was a question from a gal who is trying our new Re-Boot Camp! She had a question regarding having a smoothie every day— Dear Leanne, I just signed up for the Re-Boot Camp.  I did not realize that breakfast would be a smoothie and the recipe contains your protein powder, etc….  […]

Ask Leanne: How To Make One Meal for All Ages

Cooking for All Ages

I get asked a lot of questions. And sometimes those questions follow a pattern—like how do I feed my family the same meal my husband and I want to eat when there are children, toddlers, and babies involved. Just got that one today as a matter of fact! Dear Leanne, My question is how to […]