Focus on what you CAN have

When people first hear about Paleo, they almost always say the same thing: Oh I know this Paleo diet is supposed to be healthy, but I could never give up [bread/potatoes/pasta/corn/dairy/etc.]. Why is everyone so focused on what you can’t have? I like to twist that negative around and talk about what we CAN have! Now, […]

Holiday Paleo Cheat Sheet

If you’ve recently gone Paleo, you might be worried about navigating the kitchen this holiday season, what with all of the sugar, bread, and other non-Paleo staples of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner floating around. But do not fear, Paleoistas! I’ve got your wheat-free little backs! We’ve put together this Paleo swap cheat for you so […]

Paleo Shmaleo – what is it all about?

Food For Thought Paleo Shmaleo – what is it all about? By: Leanne Ely If you have any interest in food and health at all (which you obviously do or you wouldn’t have found yourself here at Saving Dinner), then you’ve been hearing the word “Paleo” being tossed around a lot. You may even associate […]

Hungry hungry for mahi mahi

Mahi Mahi

Healthy Foods Hungry hungry for mahi mahi By: Leanne Ely A couple of days ago, I posted an update to my Facebook page saying that I would be enjoying mahi mahi (or mahimahi) for dinner. Let me tell you, it was a killer meal! Do you ever enjoy this ocean predator? Because I think that […]

The 411 on Vitamin B12

Food For Thought The 411 on Vitamin B12 By: Leanne Ely If you haven’t been thinking clearly lately or if you’ve been feeling less energetic than usual, you might be lacking in Vitamin B12. Like most vitamins, we need B12 for our bodies to function properly. It’s required for the replication of DNA, to manufacture […]

Go ahead and eat oodles of Kelp Noodles

Healthy Foods Go ahead and eat oodles of Kelp Noodles By: Leanne Ely Not too long ago, I wrote about the benefits of eating sea vegetables. I enjoy sea vegetables often and you should too! Now, I’ve gone on record before saying I wouldn’t make you eat sea vegetables. But guess what? I take it […]

Food For Thought: For meat you will praise, learn how to braise!

If you always seem to end up with stringy, tough meat that you can’t get a knife through (let alone your teeth), you can only blame the animal and/or the cut for so long! I firmly believe that with the right cooking method, you can turn the most humble of cuts into a star. Braising […]

How about some Calcium?

Food For Thought How about some Calcium? By: Leanne Ely If your skin is looking dry, your nails are breaking more than usual and/or your teeth are starting to look a little yellow, you may be deficient in calcium. Muscle cramping is another sign of a calcium deficiency. Also, if you’ve been experiencing more intense […]

If the cashew fits!

Tricks, Tips and a Recipe If the cashew fits! By: Leanne Ely   It’s time once again for Tricks, Tips and a Recipe. Today you’ll learn a tip, a trick and you’ll get a great recipe to try it out with. Neat, huh?   Don’t forget tomorrow is the radio show, Saving Dinner with the […]