Dinner Diva: Gobble gobble! What to do with all those turkey leftovers

If you’re like me, you have worked hard to get every ounce of goodness out of that Thanksgiving turkey. You lovingly brined it, roasted it, and carved it. You served it to your loved ones, you picked all of the meat off the carcass and you turned that carcass into stock. You might even be working on a bone broth with what’s left.
By now, though, there’s a good chance you don’t want to look at turkey anymore. You’re also probably quite sick of Thanksgiving dinner flavors. If you don’t eat bread or if you follow a paleo diet, you aren’t making sandwiches from the leftover meat, so what are you doing with all of that turkey? Here are some ideas for using up the last of those Thanksgiving dinner leftovers!


This one’s a no-brainer. Hopefully, you made stock from your own turkey carcass, but if not, grab a couple of cartons of organic chicken or turkey stock and make a pot of soup or stew using the rest of that turkey. Season it with some thyme, basil, salt, and pepper. Toss in whatever veggies you enjoy and you’re pretty much done. If you enjoy barley or noodles in your soup or stew, toss some in coming to the end. Soup and stew are easy ways to do leftovers. It’s also quite nice to have something a little lighter in the tummy after all that holiday feasting!


What is hash, you ask? Well, it’s whatever you want it to be! Think of it as the easiest way to use up your leftovers. Take a large skillet, start with bacon and onions and then go from there. If you have leftover mashed potatoes hanging around, add them to the skillet once the bacon fat has rendered and the onions are tender. Mix it all up and then add some shredded turkey to the party. Let that get warmed up and then put in some spinach, kale, or other green veggies for some added color and nutrition. When it’s all warmed through and the veggies are wilted, sprinkle it with salt and pepper and enjoy!


There is no rule (that I’m aware of) which states curry can’t be made with turkey. Dig up your favorite curry recipe and modify it to use turkey as the protein. Add some turkey to a salad for some protein or mix it into a stir fry. And if you can’t stand the sight of it anymore, simply slice and dice and toss it into freezer bags. Try adding in a bit of stock with it so it doesn’t get all dried out on you in the freezing process. Then take it out when you need some cooked, diced poultry for a casserole or a pot of soup throughout the winter!
What’s your favorite thing to do with leftover turkey? Tell us here!

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