Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Please pass the lemongrass

For centuries, lemongrass has been used as an herb in kitchens across the world for its citrusy fragrance and flavor. Lemongrass lends a wonderful mild lemon taste to Pad Thai and other Asian dishes. It’s fabulous in vegetable stocks and delightful in curry. But the kitchen isn’t the only place where lemongrass is used. If […]

Food For Thought: Saving Time is the Key to Saving Dinner

I’m big on preparing fresh meals from scratch, but I also like to be realistic. Cooking should be an adventure, but hopefully a fun one and not a frustrating experience! If you’re trying to transition from feeding your family with packaged meals and takeout to good home cooking, you deserve a big pat on the […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Calamari

This may sound like an unusual subject for an article coming from me because you’ll notice that I did, in fact, say calamari in the subject title. Now before your little hearts skip a beat because you think I’m about to encourage deep-fried seafood, you’re wrong. Actually “calamari” is essentially just squid – with or […]