Remember that NY’s resolution? (help is here!)

Dear Friends, How about it, did you make a few New Year’s resolutions this year? Was one of them to eat at home more often, save money or get healthier, thinner or more organized? What if I told you that having dinner at home will accomplish ALL of those things? Seriously! Dinner at home is […]

The secret to getting dinner done (I have this!)

Dear Friends, It’s time to get back to school and back to routine! That means dinner is going to need to be doubly quick–from making it to serving it–you’ve got carpool, sports practice, and dance lessons to get kids to, right? I’ve got you covered!! ENTER THE CROCK POT! Our Crock Cooker Club will keep […]

Exact method to get dinner done every night! (school's starting!!)

Freezer Meal Club from Saving Dinner

Dear Friends, Can you believe we are mere weeks away from getting the kids off to school already? And while it’s important to get the school supplies you need for them, it’s also important to be ready yourself for the busy, back to school routine. How? Well, I’m glad you asked! We have a brand […]

Chill Out! Seriously!

I just wanted to let you know you have a new fan! I used to frequent the “assemble your dinner and freeze it” places, but I knew there had to be a cheaper alternative. When I tried finding freezer recipes on the Internet, all I could find were casseroles! A friend suggested your web site, […]

5 minutes & done!

Dear Friends,  In school, a favorite part of my Fridays was Show and Tell.  (you too?) I loved seeing what my classmates brought to school to “show and tell” about and I loved it when it was turn, too. I learned a huge lesson back then: there are some things you cannot just talk about–you […]

Mandatory for all women (I’m not kidding)

Dear friends, Last night, my friend Dr. Sara Gottfried (a Harvard trained gynecologist) was in the house and she rocked it out like NO ONE. It was girl talk like you’ve never heard. Sara laid out all the reasons you feel like crap (hormones again!). BUT she explained how to get a handle on them! […]

How to do a homemade Christmas easy!

Dear Friends, Christmas will be here in less than 3 WEEKS! Catch your breath…  I know you’re freaking out! The expense of it all and the crazy making! We have a solution, check this out: In the spirit of the holidays, we’re excited to offer our incredible Holiday Bundle. Nothing is more wonderful than holiday […]

Control the 3 Hormones That Cause Holiday Weight Gain

Dear Friends, FYI, I personally endorse and use this product…thought you would want to check it out, too. I know these guys (for real, in the flesh!) and have nothing but the utmost of respect for all they are doing in the nutrition world. Their stuff is stellar! And because it’s “that time of year” […]

How to Make the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!

Dear Friends, It’s nearly Turkey Time for our Canadian friends and Americans are a mere few weeks away, too! And you know what that means, cooking, cooking and did I mention, more cooking? Even if you’re just bringing a dish or responsible for one item this year we can help you out. Our tried and […]

How to Get Exactly What You Want: INSTANTLY!

Dear Friends, What if dinner was as easy as just dumping a mix into a bowl, adding some protein and voila, instant dinner! What if you could do that without the health consequences? Well you can. We’ve got the secret formula to success sitting in our newest ebook, The Ultimate Mix eCookbook, Volume 2. This […]