Remember that NY’s resolution? (help is here!)

Dear Friends, How about it, did you make a few New Year’s resolutions this year? Was one of them to eat at home more often, save money or get healthier, thinner or more organized? What if I told you that having dinner at home will accomplish ALL of those things? Seriously! Dinner at home is […]

Stock up sale ending soon!

Dear Friends, Did you know you can get our fabulous smoothie mix, fiber & supplements this week only with F*R*E*E shipping? That’s right–the more you buy, the more you save!  Buy 12 smoothie mixes to last you a year (and yes, they’ll last!) the shipping is on us!  That’s hundreds of dollars of savings over […]

Announcing our Once a Year Get ALL You Can Sale!

Dear Friends, Announcing our first ever, Once a Year Get ALL You Can Sale! For a limited time, our Smoothie Mixes, FiberMender and Daily Does It have F*REE shipping!! How does it work? You order 1, you get f*ree shipping. You order 10, you get f*ree shipping!! See the video below for more info: Click […]

It's Crock-tober Fest!

Dear Friends, We’re celebrating Crock-tober with our very own Crock-tober Fest and that means, we’re partying with our crockpots, no lie! Yes, we’re filling them up, cooking up a feast (fest?) and we’ve got the best recipes, crock menu plans to make it happen for all busy people…that means you, Mom! (and anyone else with […]

Happy Crock-tober!

Dear Friends, If there’s one thing that makes me smile, it’s a happy crockpot doing it’s thing on my counter top and making me a great dinner that almost makes itself. What’s not to love about that? If you’re smiling with me, then you’re ready to ROCK YOUR CROCK! We’re going crock-crazy this month with […]

All new 30 Day Paleo Challenge is HERE!!

Dear Friends, Summer is over, fall is here and so is a new 30 Day Paleo Challenge with brand new fall recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water and do amazing things for your body and health! Look what Stephanie, one of our Challenge members had to say this past week in our private Facebook […]

Our most popular recipe + we've extended the deal!

Dear Friends, Over the years we’ve received wonderful feedback on the quality of recipes included in our Menu-Mailer program.  Out of the thousands of healthy and delicious recipes we have provided, I wanted to share the one that has been the most popular with our readers! See below for the mouth-watering recipe and feel free […]

Need something fabulous?

Dear Friends, I finally figured out how to get everyone I know and love to try Premium Menu-Mailer–practically give it away! That’s right, for the first time EVER, it’s on sale for just $15 for 3 month subscription! Premium Menu-Mailer is the only truly customizable menu planning solution you will ever need to get dinner […]

GOOD NEWS and our 1st winner!

Dear Friends, Good news, we’ve decided to extend the sale on the BRAND NEW Crock Cooker Club! So if you want to take advantage of the amazing bonuses included in the sale, now’s your chance! Click here to see everything you get when you join the club! Also, each month we will be giving away […]

The secret to getting dinner done (I have this!)

Dear Friends, It’s time to get back to school and back to routine! That means dinner is going to need to be doubly quick–from making it to serving it–you’ve got carpool, sports practice, and dance lessons to get kids to, right? I’ve got you covered!! ENTER THE CROCK POT! Our Crock Cooker Club will keep […]