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Leanne's Kitchen tool of the month-the microplane copy

March 13, 2015

The Microplane: Leanne’s Kitchen Tool of the Month

By: Leanne Ely In this video, Leanne Ely from shares her tool tip of the month: the microplane. What is a microplane? It is like a tiny, little grater.  And it is really fantastic because, it’s super sharp, and you can almost anything shave down with it. Here are a few things you can use on… Read more


September 14, 2012

Here's a light "bulb" idea-Eat more garlic!

Healthy foods Here’s a light “bulb” idea-Eat more garlic! By: Leanne Ely Garlic is a member of the Allium or lily family. You may know some of its relatives: leeks and onions. The same sulfur compounds that are responsible for giving garlic its pungent odor are also to thank for its health-promoting benefits. So, we… Read more

Grocery cart filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables.

January 19, 2012

10 Tips to Help You Successfully Navigate the Grocery Store

Dinner Diva 10 Tips to Help You Successfully Navigate the Grocery Store by Leanne Ely, CNC Dear Friends, A lifestyle of poor diet and lack of exercise kills about 400,000 Americans every year—that’s as many who have died from smoking, can you imagine?? And that’s only Americans—this number does not count the rest of the… Read more


December 1, 2011

Easy Tricks to Shortcut Your Cooking

Dinner Diva Easy Tricks to Shortcut Your Cooking By Leanne Ely, CNC I get asked all the time for ways to make dinner faster. I get that; we’re a microwave society. We want it quick, dirty and hassle-free. This is why convenience foods are so popular (and expensive and 99% of the time, full of… Read more


August 26, 2011

Healthy Spices – Oregano, Turmeric and Garlic

Healthy Foods Healthy Spices – Oregano, Turmeric and Garlic by Leanne Ely, CNC Spicing up your food can also give your health a little boost–did you know most herbs and spices contain specific antioxidant qualities? Not only do they add great flavor to the food you cook, but they’re more than just a little bit… Read more

June 8, 2010

TTR – Basil

Tips, Tricks, & a Recipe – Today’s focus is on BASIL. Fresh basil is one of the most heady, aromatic herbs and the smell of it makes me think of summer. Love dried basil in soups and stews, love fresh basil in salads, pesto (of course), pastas, brushetta and anything else I can think of.… Read more