Focus on what you CAN have

When people first hear about Paleo, they almost always say the same thing: Oh I know this Paleo diet is supposed to be healthy, but I could never give up [bread/potatoes/pasta/corn/dairy/etc.]. Why is everyone so focused on what you can’t have? I like to twist that negative around and talk about what we CAN have! Now, […]

Holiday Paleo Cheat Sheet

If you’ve recently gone Paleo, you might be worried about navigating the kitchen this holiday season, what with all of the sugar, bread, and other non-Paleo staples of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner floating around. But do not fear, Paleoistas! I’ve got your wheat-free little backs! We’ve put together this Paleo swap cheat for you so […]

Diet-friendly snack ideas and restaurant tips

If you’re traveling or vacationing, as many people are this time of year, there are easy ways to “stay on plan” without feeling deprived. Nature has provided us with plenty of healthy grab-and-go options, though we seem programmed to think that suitable food for traveling involves a plastic wrapper! Here are some of my favorite […]

Paleo Shmaleo – what is it all about?

Food For Thought Paleo Shmaleo – what is it all about? By: Leanne Ely If you have any interest in food and health at all (which you obviously do or you wouldn’t have found yourself here at Saving Dinner), then you’ve been hearing the word “Paleo” being tossed around a lot. You may even associate […]

Stock up on vegetable broth!


Dinner Diva Stock up on vegetable broth! By: Leanne Ely When you start making your own stock, you’re going to have a hard time buying it from the store ever again. Making stock from scratch is about as satisfying as it gets. Being the one who purchased (or even better, grew!) the vegetables that you’re […]

Keep your cool with these meat storage tips

Food For Thought Keep your cool with these meat storage tips By: Leanne Ely Hello Friends, I got some great feedback on a post I shared recently about how to maximize the life of your produce by learning where to store it in the fridge. So, I thought it would be a great idea to […]

Say hello to aloe vera!

aloe vera

Healthy Foods Say hello to aloe vera! By: Leanne Ely Today I’m going to broaden your food horizon a little bit by introducing you to a superfood that you may already have in your home for purposes other than eating—aloe vera. Chances are, you’re familiar with aloe vera for boo boo relief. Your grandmother might […]

Feel fine with Iodine

Firm White Fish

Food For Thought Feel fine with Iodine By: Leanne Ely Iodine has come up from time to time in articles I’ve shared here, and today I’m going to really dig into why we need it. Now, as far as minerals go, iodine isn’t the most popular kid on the bus, but that doesn’t mean it’s […]

Dandelion Greens…they're dandy!

Dandelion Greens

Tricks, Tips and a Recipe Dandelion Greens…they’re dandy! By: Leanne Ely Most of us are familiar with the common yellow weed that marks the onset of spring in many parts of the country. Dandelion greens are the enemy to gardeners everywhere, but these flower bed nuisances are actually real nutritional superstars. Dandelion greens are very […]