40 healthy snacks for kids

Food For Thought 40 healthy snacks for kids By: Leanne Ely I can’t tell you how much I detest those 100-calorie snack packs you find in grocery stores nowadays. Those packages are full of highly processed foods—heavy on sugar and chemicals. I know you would rather feed your child something nutritious, so I’m going to […]

Dinner Diva: Eggs to the rescue . . . Hakuna Frittata!

Forget about Hakuna Matata meaning “no worries!” I say when it comes to the kitchen, it’s more like Hakuna Frittata! Eggs make their way to my dinner table on a regular basis. Eggs are my hero, really. Nothing can save a frazzled parent like a humble little egg. In its hard-boiled form, you have a […]

Packaged Foods Must Haves

Food For Thought Packaged Foods Must Haves by Leanne Ely, CNC I am about to say something that many you of may be shocked by. Some of you may even utter an audible gasp. You ready? Some packaged foods aren’t all bad. There, I said it! Believe me, the standard will always be food in […]

MOOve over Milk

Healthy Foods MOOve over Milk by: Leanne Ely, CNC   Milk is good food, or so we’ve been told. But for many, there’s this issue of lactose intolerance that is prevalent across the board. Lactose intolerance shows up as tummy aches, skin issues and excessive mucus being the top symptoms. Both of my children were […]

Broccoli Block

I have been going through Broccoli Block. You know, when you forget to turn on the veggies and you have your dinner ready to go but the veggies are sitting on the stovetop, cold, raw and just waiting for someone to turn them on and get them cooked? Why is that? I think the reason […]

Heart to Heart

If one of your health goals is to keep your heart as healthy as possible (good move, too–kind of critical in the staying-alive scheme of things), then you need to know what your heart needs in the form of nutrients to operate optimally. There are foods that give the heart a nutritional advantage and provide […]