How To Make One Meal for All Ages

Cooking for All Ages

Ask Leanne I get asked a lot of questions. And sometimes those questions follow a pattern—like how do I feed my family the same meal my husband and I want to eat when there’s children, toddlers and babies involved. Just got that one today as a matter of fact! Dear Leanne, My question is how […]

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Knife for the Job

Knife Skills for Cooking

By: Leanne Ely In today’s video, I’m going to share some knife skills you will need if you’re going to be in the kitchen cooking. Knowing which knife to use and how to use knives correctly is very important. Watch above as I show you: How to properly and safely sharpen a knife The importance of using a […]

How To Chop an Onion

Onion Chopping Tips

By: Leanne Ely Alright. One of the things that you’re going to notice with a lot of my recipes and anybody else’s for that matter is, if you want flavor, you’re going to have to learn how to chop an onion.  Onions are fantastic and give you tons and tons of flavor but one thing that […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Shrimp

I love me some shrimp! Low in calories, low in fat, and big on flavor, shrimp is fabulous on the barby, great in salads, and makes a magnificent chowder. These babies are also highly nutritious and easy to prepare. High in protein, omega three fatty acids, and selenium, shrimp can be a great addition to […]

Impatience in the Kitchen

Impatience is the kitchen is a true meal killer. It is the reason the chicken burns on the outside but is raw on the inside, the broccoli is overcooked and the table isn’t properly set. We’re an impatient lot and we want it NOW. I like to say we have a microwave mentality. We do—with […]

Cooking without a Recipe

I want to teach you how to cook without a recipe. Yes, without a recipe! You see food preparation and cooking have to do with ingredients being put together in such a way that a dish magically appears. You don’t have to follow a recipe to get these kinds of results. Recipes are very useful […]