Don’t Be Intimidated!

Don't Be Intimidated |

There is a true intimidation factor in cooking for some people—I get the emails from them so I know this is true. For me, having grown up in a home with parents who cooked, rarely eating out, I learned how to navigate my way in a kitchen early on. It was (being honest here) a […]

The art and craft of cooking
(nothing else impacts your health MORE!)

The art and craft of cooking has been glorified in glossy magazines for years with beautiful shots of styled food, propped, positioned, and perfectly lit, sitting on a color-coordinated plate. These gorgeous pictures set your mouth to drooling and your desire to cook right off the charts. In recent years, food bloggers have attempted the […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: The Perfect Paleo Comfort Food

What if I were to tell you that lamb was high in omega 3 fatty acids, did you know that? Lamb is naturally grass-fed and not subject to unnaturally being fed corn in feedlots the way cattle are. Pasture-fed lamb naturally contains small amounts of vaccenic acid, a precursor for conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA […]

Teach your children to make their own good food decisions

As parents, we sometimes forget that part of our job is to give kids the “why” behind the “no.” I am a firm believer in empowering children to make good decisions. If we raise our kids in a “because I told you so” environment, they will grow up without the ability to make any decisions […]

How to avoid going off track

It can happen to the best of us—a healthy eating regimen completely derails for whatever reason. Life is hard! Things happen. People get sick, work gets chaotic, and life just gets out of control from time to time, and with that, one of the first things to go by the wayside is often proper meal […]

Dinner Diva: Eggs to the rescue . . . Hakuna Frittata!

Forget about Hakuna Matata meaning “no worries!” I say when it comes to the kitchen, it’s more like Hakuna Frittata! Eggs make their way to my dinner table on a regular basis. Eggs are my hero, really. Nothing can save a frazzled parent like a humble little egg. In its hard-boiled form, you have a […]

Food For Thought: Are You Drinking Your Retirement Away?

Dear Friends, Did you know you could be drinking your retirement away with a fancy coffee habit? Let’s take a look at the dollars and cents (sense) of it all, shall we? My favorite coffee drink is a tall, non-fat, extra-shot cappuccino. I like mine dry and really foamy. At my local ‘Bucks, that costs […]

Getting to Know the Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index has been around for a while and in the last few years, has become a buzz word in the nutrition world. The GI (Glycemic Index) is a measure of the effects of all carbohydrates on blood sugar levels and recorded on a scale from high to low. Understanding that carbohydrates break down […]

DD – Planning for Success

Dinner Diva Planning for Success by Leanne Ely CNC You know that old saying “Failure to plan is planning to fail?” This old adage holds true in our businesses, our homes, and every aspect of our lives. Flying by the seat of your pants only leads to stress, mistakes, and often costs you more time […]