Irish Stew

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Tip, Trick & a Recipe: It’s always time for winter squash!

Butternut squash, acorn squash, and buttercup squash grouped on a wooden surface.

Today’s focus is on: WINTER SQUASH There are two kinds of squash: winter squash and summer squash. The difference is that the winter varieties are normally better suited to survive the winter in storage (think hardy squashes like butternut squash and acorn squash), while summer squash tends to have edible seeds and peels, and a […]

Chili for everyone!

There is something extremely satisfying about making a big pot of chili for your family on a cool day. I find it as enjoyable to make chili for dinner as I do sitting down and eating that chili. There’s just something about putting all those simple ingredients of vegetables and spices together, in a combination […]

Beloved beefy comfort foods

Because the weather is still cold, kitchens across North America (at least in the northern part of the continent!) are staying heated up with warm, comforting, and familiar dishes. For me, nothing quite fits the comfort food bill like beef. Beef is full of protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Beef makes our muscles […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Lobster love

Once upon a time in the mid-nineteenth century, lobsters were dirt cheap. These tasty crustaceans were fed to prison inmates and children in orphanages. Lobster was also used as a fertilizer! Today, lobsters are seen as a rich person’s food in many places, but back then they were eaten by only the very poor. To […]

Dinner Diva: Something to stew over

I recently wrote blog posts teaching you how to braise and how to sear. So it just occurred to me that I should go ahead and combine the two and tell y’all about how to stew. What hits the spot on a cold day better than a nice steamy hot bowl of thick beef stew? By definition, a […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: The hourglass-shaped winter squash, in a (butter)nut shell

I love me some delicious, nutritious fresh sliced zucchini in a stir fry, but when winter squash season comes upon us in the fall, I tend to reach for butternut in favor of the milder flavored summer squashes. Like zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, and melon, butternut squash is a member of the gourd family. You may not think of […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Celery

Everyone who has ever been on a diet, has at one time or another, crunched a stalk of celery in defiance. I call it the angry veggie, lol. Angry because I ate so many of those crisp stalks when I was “dieting” in my younger years and angry too, because of the loud CRUNCH it […]

The Threat of Tomatoes

It’s starting. The tomatoes are mutating and producing more and more of their progeny on a daily basis! I cannot keep up; I’m gasping for breath due to endless picking. They’re replicating, sprouting new plants—it’s the Volunteer Garden Invasion! If there is one thing I know about tomatoes, it is they are prolific. Right after […]