Top 5 Benefits of Using Coconut Aminos

One of my favorite things in life is sushi. I love it anyway you give it to me—rolled, not rolled, plenty of wasabi…just load me up! But sushi means soy sauce and soy is definitely not a health food—especially considering non-organic soy sauce most likely will be GMO soy. Soy seemingly has a wonderful nutritional […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Who knew? (asparagus=lily)

Asparagus are elegant and delicious! Truly in season right now, you can pick them up on sale everywhere. Lots of fiber, easy to cook; delicious to eat. I’ll tell you how! Here’s today’s TRICK: SMELL the tops of the asparagus in the store. The tips should NOT be slimy and stinky! Look for ends that […]

Wild versus Farm Raised. The difference is huge…

Salmon is one of my all-time favorite fish and one of my all-time favorite meals for that matter. There are so many nutritional benefits to eating from its lovely healthy fatty omega 3’s to its outstanding source of protein, it’s important to make sure you eating the right kind of fish. Instead of choosing farm-raised […]

Spiced Baked Salmon

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Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Oh golly ghee!

With the paleo diet gaining a lot of traction in the US, I’ve been getting more and more questions about ghee. For those of you unfamiliar with this product, ghee is basically butter with its milk solids removed. Like butter, ghee is made from the fats of whole milk. Buffalo milk is often used in […]

Asian Roll-Ups

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