Ask Leanne: How to Make a Protein Packed Breakfast WITHOUT Protein Powder

In my inbox today was a question from a gal who is trying our new Re-Boot Camp! She had a question regarding having a smoothie every day— Dear Leanne, I just signed up for the Re-Boot Camp.  I did not realize that breakfast would be a smoothie and the recipe contains your protein powder, etc….  […]

The REAL Unicorn Smoothie

Leave it to Starbucks to ruin the magic of Unicorns with a fake and dangerous imposter! (sigh of relief that they’ve vanished!) Want in on a secret?! Unicorns are REAL! And you can taste their full magic only when using REAL ingredients! Introducing the Real Unicorn: a smoothie worthy of consumption. Full of flavor, nutrients, […]

5 Quick Smoothie Ideas

To say this is a busy time of year would be an understatement. Soon there will be all that shopping and the wrapping, the school concerts and the holiday parties, there’s bound to be an evening or two that, despite your best efforts, it’s just too difficult to put a balanced meal on the table. […]

6 Essentials for at Home Smoothies!

Smoothies? They’re fantastic. I drink one every single day. Smoothies can pack in a lot of nutrition when you don’t have a lot of time to make a full meal. Now, smoothie bars are popping up ALL over the place, but you can set up your very own smoothie bar at home for a mere […]

Cocoa Latte Smoothie

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Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Cuckoo for coconut water

Like most Paleoistas, I’m nuts about coconuts. Coconuts are relied on quite heavily for those of us following a Paleo lifestyle. I cook with coconut oil, I drink coconut milk and I add coconut water to my daily smoothie. Coconut water is the liquid you find inside a coconut. The water of the coconut contains […]

Poolside snacks for the kids

You get the towels ready, the sunscreen applied, and settle down to enjoy a few minutes of sun while the kids play in the pool only to hear, seconds later, the familiar refrain, “Can I have a snack?” Swimming seems to make children hungrier than anything else, and you can be almost guaranteed that if […]

Tip, Trick & a Recipe: Coconut Butter

There are a lot of ways to use a coconut, let me tell you. I’ve written about coconut oil, coconut vinegar, coconut aminos, coconut milk, and so on and so forth! And today, we’re going to talk about coconut butter. You’re even going to get a trick, a tip, and a recipe to help you […]